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Hopefully this will be a site to collect all other sites to a central point to allow all that enter to find what they need and can use.
All those who enter here and have useful links please send them to the webmaster and it will be entered as soon as possible.

This page will be the
starting point for all
other info.

Our Philosophy
To hopefully share our's and
others experiences to give
everyone who needs it, a fighting
chance. When all others have
forgotten and forsaken us.
Vets Help
To try and give all vets
helpful information no
matter when, where or
what they fought.
The enemy(is), ignorance
or politicians; those who
who would keep the vets
and their families from
having a chance to better
themselves or others.
War on terrorism and counterterrorism:
It is an ever present threat
that was brought home to me
while in a vet chat room.
That is the reason for this
being before anything else of
the Federal Government.

Federal Government

Welcome to Veterans Disability Benefits Commission

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